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Various clients – customer information and correspondence

Services: Stakeholder & customer engagement

Delivering the right communication, at the right time

High-impact communications about important service or organisational changes demand well-crafted messages, structure and presentation. If your business is considering a merger, or you’re changing the way you provide repairs, or need to explain and justify the level of annual rent increases, you need to get it right. Contact that’s unclear or which doesn’t strike the appropriate tone is likely to create unnecessary concern and confusion, with the knock-on effect of extra enquiries, workload and cost.

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Housing and social care clients regularly ask us to copywrite, review, edit and proof this kind of communication, especially when the same message is going to be delivered simultaneously to thousands of customers.
We look for:
  • Clarity of purpose – what you want the contact to achieve
  • Call to action – what you want people to do once they’ve received and understood the correspondence
  • Plain language – relaxed, conversational and human words
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion – making sure the contact is accessible and suitable for everyone
  • Consistency of voice – making it clear who’s talking to who
  • Appropriate tone – that reflects the writer, the organisation and the circumstances
  • Visual and cross-media presentation – what the communication looks like and using the best mix of channels.
Colleagues closest to an initiative or issue are not always the best people to explain it. Our independent role means we can step back, see things from the recipients’ point of view and make sure the contact achieves what it sets out to do.