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RHE Global

Services: Brand strategy and development/Employee engagement/Marketing/Strategic communications

Selling simpler noise reporting and investigation

RHE Global is a UK-based technology company that provides innovative services and cloud software for people, businesses and government. Its products aim to transform public protection in Britain and internationally.

Acting on a recommendation from one of our housing clients, the company asked us to help promote its Noise App, which enables users to accurately capture instances of noise nuisance and report it to the relevant organisation. It’s a smart tool for environmental health and other professionals investigating complaints about noise, which makes it easier and cheaper to assess, monitor and resolve noise problems. It also provides simple verification for businesses to check their compliance with legislation and industry standards.

The client already had a solid base of local authority customers but wanted our insight and expertise to help them grow in the housing association sector. Through a blend of interviews, surveys and workshops we consulted with existing users and the company’s and staff to understand how the app worked and its principal benefits to customers.

Based on this discovery work, we recommended a marketing strategy that emphasised the speed, convenience and cost savings of using the app compared to traditional approaches. Since our work also coincided with periods of national and local lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic (which led to a spike in noise-related incidents), we also advised RHE Global on how their data could help housing providers to improve their services and responsiveness.

The strategy saw increased sales and penetration into the housing association market, and prompted a review of the whole group’s brand and positioning.