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Various clients – public relations

Services: Strategic communications

Responsive and crisis communications

Housing and social care can be highly charged political and social issues that stir public emotions. As such, it’s likely that providers of these services will find themselves in the media spotlight, and will also want to be on the front foot to publicise their work and achievements. Doing this successfully calls for a solid, strategic approach to communications, backed up by the skills and experience to get your message across.

We’ve provided planned and responsive public relations support to social sector organisations for more than two decades. This has involved devising proactive strategies for everything from new homebuilding and regeneration to mergers and community engagement, and reactive help in responding positively to all kinds of media enquiries.
Our crisis communications service has dealt with regulatory downgrades, the impact of closing registered care homes, adverse ombudsman and tribunal rulings, plus safeguarding enquiries, fatal fires and gas explosions. In all of these situations, we help clients to remember and apply some golden rules:
  • How a situation looks to you will not be the same as customers, other stakeholders and the wider public see it – perspectives vary and matter
  • Words have power – the way you choose and use language can make or break your reputation

  • Seeking the positive in every situation – and if no good can come from responding, then it’s sometimes better to say nothing and let your actions speak for themselves.
Working with Creative Bridge has taken so much pressure away from me and my team, because I know and trust that things are being taken care of professionally and to an exceptionally high standard.
Karen Johnson, head of corporate services at Teign Housing