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Invisible Creations

Services: Brand strategy and development/Creative campaigns/Design and digital/Strategic communications

Fit for our Future campaign

Fit for our Future is a collaborative campaign to change the way housing providers think about and deliver aids and adaptations in people’s homes. Devised by inclusive design specialists, Invisible Creations, it aims to make sure that everyone has a home that’s suitable, safe and promotes dignity.

Fit for our Future (Lives)

We helped the client and their manufacturing partner PRO-Care Ltd to shape, brand and launch the campaign, including:

  • An online ‘kickstarter session’ with a panel of invited housing providers and other relevant experts to test out key messages and campaign tactics
  • A colourful and eye-catching visual brand based around a suite of simple icons
  • Design of the campaign manifesto and toolkit
  • Visuals for a campaign microsite (
  • Event flyers, displays and other promotional material
  • A digital ‘ready reckoner’ to help organisations self-assess against the Fit for our Future standard.

The look and feel of the campaign identity reinforces its emphasis on the ‘agent of change’ principle – that the person or organisation responsible for making a change must also bear responsibility for the impact of that change. The design also highlights the rapid demographic changes driving the need for more inclusive and flexible home designs, and creative aids and adaptations.

We’re delighted to work with Creative Bridge on the Fit for our Future campaign. They’ve really got under the skin of the campaign, exploring and immersing themselves in the research, content, branding and messaging to create maximum impact. We’re super pleased with both the visual identity Creative Bridge have produced and their strategic application to support the campaign.
Laura Wood, Director, Invisible Creations

Laura Wood pictured with Kelly

Plant holder hand rail

FfoF customer with hand rail

Above radiator hand rail

Fit for our Future encourages housing providers, their partners and national and local government to approach these needs in a more proactive way, to make better use of homes, secure future efficiency and reduce the demand on health, social care and other services.