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Grand Union Housing Group

Services: Brand strategy and development/Design and digital/Marketing

Life24 emergency alarm brand and marketing

Central England-based housing provider Grand Union Housing Group asked us to create a more striking identity and comprehensive marketing strategy for its Life24 home emergency alarm service. While it was popular and well-established with more than 5,000 users, Grand Union wanted to develop a more distinctive identity for Life24, to help promote the latest products/technology and explore its wider commercial potential.

Life24 plays an important part in Grand Union’s work to help people live independently in their own homes. The new identity needed to emphasise the benefits to all kinds of customers – from those with physical and mental conditions to people at risk of domestic abuse or bogus callers.

We analysed and pinpointed what makes Life24 stand out from other alarm services, emphasising its dedicated staff, strong value for money and use of discreet and easy-to-use technology.

The visual identity we developed uses the Group’s existing brand font, with a bold colour scheme that gets key messages across in a sharp, appealing way. It’s a modern, confident look to match how the service empowers people to live safe, full and independent lives. We produced a range of supporting collateral, including materials for a new microsite, plus pull-up banners and brochures.

We already had an alarm service for our own customers but wanted to provide it to anyone living in the areas where we operate. Creative Bridge helped us to develop a strong visual identity, plan the launch and produce a really professional marketing plan. I’m so pleased with the new brand and how customers have reacted to it.
Mark Sibson, communications manager, Grand Union Housing Group