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NetZero Collective

Services: Brand strategy and development/Creative campaigns/Design and digital/Marketing

Decarbonising Britain’s homes and buildings

NetZero Collective is a fast-growing alliance of property services businesses, manufacturers and building owners, including local authorities, social housing providers and private businesses working with university researchers to meet the challenge of decarbonising the UK’s homes and other buildings.

The Collective advises on retrofitting properties with zero carbon heating and cooling systems, taking a ‘fabric first’ approach backed up by long-term monitoring of energy use, costs and occupiers’ experience. NetZero uses this insight to support research into the best approaches to decarbonisation for existing and new buildings.

The group’s founders, Liberty, appointed us with a creative brief to name and brand the project. As well as establishing the Collective, they wanted to strengthen understanding about the changes needed to decarbonise hones and raise Liberty’s profile as a leader in renewable energy use and efficiency.

The new brand also needed to encourage new members to join the Collective and build a pipeline of interested clients ready to sign up for its products and services. Liberty asked for a tone of voice and visual language that were straightforward, positive and people-focussed, with a focus on common sense and connecting with people’s real-world concerns.

With the name and brand chosen, we went on to design and build the NetZero website, copywrite and design its brochure and provide a range of other material including event banners, web and social media assets and ezine graphics.