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The Calico Group

Services: Brand strategy and development

Simplifying communications for non housing functions under a single brand

This Lancashire-based provider asked us to help them make their complicated and diverse group structure into something simpler, more consistent, and more flexible for marketing.

Calico takes a particularly broad view of its role as a community organisation – providing everything from domestic violence refuges, to drug and alcohol recovery drama group.

After consulting widely with staff, service users and other stakeholders, we recommended creating a single, umbrella sub-brand for all Calico’s non housing functions called Syncora, developing a unified visual identity that made the connection between each part of the group more obvious.

The new brand architecture and communications roll-out commenced in late 2018. While it’s too early to gauge the full impact of this project, we’ve received very positive feedback from our client. We hope and expect that over time, projecting the brand in a stronger and simpler way will help our client to:

  • Win and retain contracts across their full range of activities
  • Reduce governance costs
  • Develop a higher regional and national profile.

Syncora brings together The Calico Group’s specialist companies with a shared vision: to achieve maximum social impact by creating tailored, collaborative services that make a real difference to people’s lives