Confidently engage through change

Working Well survey captures how your employees are really feeling in just five minutes.

“For us, it highlighted areas of risk and kick-started company-wide engagement and listening. We’re now implementing our first ‘You said, we did’ initiatives as a result of the feedback.”

Liz Henson, Chief people officer, Pal International

Give your employees a voice

Capture feedback confidentially to inform change programmes and show your employees you’re listening.

Identify problems quickly

Ask the right questions to find out what employee concerns and expectations you need to manage.

Make data-driven decisions

Get your data compared with other businesses to support future decisions and communications.

Engage employees because you care

You’re navigating change like never before. Your organisation is undergoing transformation that you could never have thought possible in such a short timeframe.

You’re managing staff returning to work from furlough, mitigating the risks of staff going out to work and implementing a new blend of remote and office working as you introduce the ‘new normal’.

Duty of care has never mattered more, and as lockdown restrictions continue, you need to be an employer who has listened, is managing expectations and adapting quickly so that your staff feel safe and can thrive.

We help you engage your people so that you can confidently manage change

Developed by behavioural change, engagement and communications experts, Working Well gives you the insight you need to confidently listen, respond and plan during periods of change.

The survey is designed to test the pulse of staff at regular intervals and takes just five minutes to complete. Working Well means you can make informed decisions about:

  • Wellbeing responses and support
  • Communications activity in the short and medium term
  • Future operating models, including blended remote and office arrangements
  • Future service modelling
  • Management of future transformation projects.

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What does the survey cover?

Based on solid psychological predictors and presented as easy to interpret infographics, the survey covers:


Real feelings about what is going on – dips in morale, happiness, confidence and energy levels based on psychology and behavioural insights.

Communications channels

How people are connecting, what communications are working and what needs to change.

Productivity/working patterns

What capacity people have, how productive employees feel they are, and what could be changed to improve that further.


How people believe they are contributing.

Future preferences

What employees want in their future working lives.

How does it work?


Set up quickly

Access a pre-made question set and distribution emails for your HR or comms lead to personalise in under 10 minutes.


Engage easily

Share a bespoke survey link for staff to give their views confidentially in under five minutes.


Get visual results

Receive objective feedback in an infographic format in just a few days, making it easy to quickly share results with your leaders and colleagues.


Compare to improve

View your results in the context of how others scored to highlight where you need to focus your time and communications.
“It was great to have the reassurance that our communications felt right to staff.”
Ben Wilesmith, Head of employee engagement and communications, Greatwell Homes
“We wanted to get beyond people’s ‘brave face’ and know if we were getting things right. The comparison was helpful - it was good to see where we’d done well and that, where people felt worse, this was the case in other companies too. As a direct result of the survey we sent everyone a personalised care package, which got an overwhelmingly positive response. We were also able to create a new smart working policy. It’s encouraging to see that the way staff are feeling has improved and to know that we’re doing the best we can do.”
Cate Rae, Managing Director, Widgit


Working Well is good for you if:

  • You want to show that you care about your staff and are taking their views seriously
  • You need to understand more about how staff are really feeling and if your communications are working
  • You aren’t currently engaging your staff and want to get views and ideas on new ways of working
  • You want to re-engage furloughed workers
  • You don’t have time to start from scratch and want an affordable, tried and tested product that is ready to go.

The current Working Well Survey is not specifically designed for businesses who predominantly employ warehousing or factory staff. It is best suited to organisations who work entirely from home or are office-based.

Working Well is electronic – so is able to be accessed by anyone with a digital device, including phones. Some of our clients have set it up for staff to complete at a pc or tablet during breaks eg, in a canteen or depot setting.

Yes, you can add in bespoke questions. This has worked well during the Covid-19 crisis where businesses wanted to test out different ideas and approaches.

Two surveys with infographics and comparative data costs £4,350 plus VAT. Cost includes supply of raw data and freestyle comments. Bespoke infographics and reports are available as an additional service.

Who are we?

We are Creative Bridge; a team of brand, communications and engagement experts specialising in working with purposeful organisations.

We help our clients to create communications that inspire action and engagement to change behaviour, so that they can make a positive difference to people’s lives.

We developed this survey to support our clients with the challenge of effectively communicating and engaging with staff during Covid-19 and beyond.

We are now making this available to a limited number of purposeful organisations that want to boost their staff engagement and improve their communications, so that they can lead their employees confidently through change.

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Spots for the next round of Working Well Surveys will be available for a maximum of ten organisations and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

They will test how staff are feeling as we transition a new normal.

To find out more and get insight on how to support your staff confidently through change, enter your details below.

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