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Various clients – corporate and business plans

Services: Leadership profiling/People and team development


Your organisation’s corporate or business plan is one of the most important documents you’ll ever produce. It’s where you set out:
  • Why you exist
  • What your purpose is
  • What you’re going to do, how and where
  • Who you work with
  • What you stand for and against.

Business planning

T&D Corporate Plan

emh business plan

Livv Corporate plan

These fundamentals require careful thought and expression, to make sure they reflect exactly what you’re about and have the active support of customers, staff, board members, funders and other stakeholders.

We’ve helped dozens of organisations to research, shape, draft, agree and produce their corporate plans, often starting with a blank page to engage a variety of views. The language, images and design used in a corporate plan needs to reinforce its message and do full justice to the organisation and its mission.

We take an iterative approach to crafting a new corporate or business plan – getting top-level sign-off on the underlying principles, messages and values before we move onto the detail. We also normally ask clients to approve an outline draft, which we then populate with the relevant content for each section. All this saves a lot of time in the long run and avoids major late changes or endless revisions.