A WISH for gender equality

Thanks to the gender pay gap revelation from the BBC, we’ve heard a lot recently about gender inequality in the workplace. But as a 26-year-old woman in the spring of her career, I’m optimistic.

Why? Because I work in social housing, a world filled with ethically-minded people in pursuit of equality in all its forms.

Let me be clear, I’m not saying that there’s no room for improvement. Women are under-represented on housing association boards and make up just under 40% of leadership roles. But at the same time there’s no longer any all-male boards and it’s significantly more representative of females than most other businesses.

From my perspective, the time I’ve spent in the sector has been immersed in a community of women who are passionately battling the housing crisis, homelessness, the effects of welfare reform and countless other injustices. These women are the future of the sector, and with the right support and guidance, they’ll be the next chief executives.

I’ve recently joined the board of the Women in Social Housing (WISH) Midlands group, to pay forward the immense support I feel I’ve received. Our aim is to give members the perfect environment to network and meet with other like-minded women across a range of organisations to grow, learn and reach their potential.

The official launch of the group is free to attend and will take place between 12pm – 3pm on 20 September – the last day of the National Housing Federation conference at Pitcher and Piano, Brindley Place, The Water’s Edge, Birmingham B1 2HP.

Anyone – including men and people outside the Midlands – is welcome to come along to celebrate the launch of this fantastic new WISH branch.

Find out more about the group here or join us on LinkedIn.