The power of meaning

For any marketer, creative or agency bod, trying to understand the way brands behave should be something they think about constantly…. or at least I do anyway!

This area of our industry absolutely fascinates me.

I love it when brands get it right… but even more when they get it wrong. Why, I hear you ask? Not because it’s an opportunity to gloat, but rather because when people fall there’s only one way up.

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing the ideas that help a brand stand up for itself. However different brands perform, it’s now more important than ever for them to take a long hard look at themselves and ask ‘why are we here?’ and ‘why do we do what we do?’

So, why is this important? The fact that the word ‘why’ is in that question is already a great start. Not only because it is one of the most useful words available to us, but because by asking ‘why’ we fling the door open to the actual meaning behind our intentions.

It’s this meaning that gives us the power to go as far as we want. The very same thinking works for the brands we all know and love and has this week been supported by the almighty WPP Brand Z report.

So, it’s official: creating a meaningful brand (that’s differentiated from its competitors) triggers brand power that drives both sales and brand value. Brand Z found the top third of valuable global brands (between 2006-17) performed over four times better for meaningful difference than all others surveyed.

This year’s report, which ranks Google as the most valuable global brand, offers it;s usual wealth of insight, thought leadership and statistics, so if you fancy exploring all 159 pages of this brand bible, I highly recommend it as a bedtime read!

I suppose the only question now is: why did I write this? It’s simple really… meaning is everything! It’s the key to the best relationships, the best ideas and the best work and it’s at the heart of everything we believe here at Creative Bridge.

Robin Hill

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