A taste of Creative Bridge…

I was excited and apprehensive to join the team at Creative Bridge for a month. The fact that I was coming straight from Loughborough University having studied Communications and Media Studies eased my worries that I would not be completely out of my depth and make an idiot of myself on the first day.

I was eager to make a good impression on the first day as Digital Marketing and Public Relations is something I feel very passionate about and wish to pursue a career in.

Monday morning came around soon enough and I got into the car to endure the 40 minute drive down the M1 to work. Despite the busy morning drive I felt instantly relaxed and hopeful when I approached my destination. The setting is utterly breath-taking.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by many smiling faces. The building is beautiful and bright and seems an ideal place to think creatively. I had my concerns that I would be stuck on hot-drink-making duty for the first week but I was completely wrong. Within the first hour I was asked to gather research on a senior member’s laptop. Immediately there was a sense of trust and responsibility which filled me with great excitement and expectation for the following month.

Throughout the day I interacted with nearly every member of the team and was pleasantly surprised by their gentle yet extremely professional personas. Lunch was prepared by the team’s very own chef Karen who prepared lovely salads, sandwiches and pretty much anything we asked for, within reason. The in-house prepared food is one of the many unique and special perks the company offers. I went home that day feeling happy, positive, and not forgetting… absolutely knackered!

My second day started off with a boardroom meeting with many of the senior members. Yes that’s right, a meeting. I remember thinking I had really been thrown in the deep end, but I loved it. I did not have much knowledge of the meeting topic however I made some suggestions and they were acknowledged and taken note of.

The opportunities I have had within my first few days have exceeded all of my expectations. I can confidently say Creative Bridge not only works extremely hard on producing quality services to their clients, but they also spend valuable time teaching and communicating.

I have only been here for a few days and I already feel like part of the family. It is clear that Creative Bridge runs an extremely well-oiled and rewarding business and I would feel extremely proud to be a permanent member of the team.