Sky’s the limit for charity skydive

A daring team of housing professionals will trade their desks for parachutes and jump 10,000ft to raise money for a brave toddler who has quadriplegic cerebral palsy. The jump will be held on 30 June.

Harry Charlesworth, aged two, suffered severe brain damage due to a traumatic labour and birth. As a result, Harry has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy plus other complicated health problems. His biggest challenge is breathing and despite sleeping with an oxygen tank, he is frequently rushed to hospital.

Lynn Stubbs, executive director of people & performance at the Longhurst Group, and Helen Scurr, company director at ARK Consultancy, have organised the sponsored jump with hopes of raising at least £10,000 – a pound for every foot they fall – to ensure Harry gets the care he needs.

Lynn said: “The money raised from the jump will go towards meeting the costs of the care, equipment and support Harry desperately needs to improve his quality of life and keep him at home with his parents.”

“This requires £240 a week for two nights of nursing care, so Harry’s parents can sleep without fear that his breathing will deteriorate during the night and £60 a week for a session of physiotherapy to relieve the pain of muscle spasms. Through the NHS he receives only one session every six weeks.”

Other jumpers include David Bardell, creative director at Creative Bridge, Kevin Rogers, chief executive of WM Housing, and Mike Roche, director at Savills.

“I’m looking forward to the jump. Though it will be terrifying, it will be worth it to get Harry the help he needs,” said David. “I hope people will dig deep and find it a worthy cause to sponsor.”

There are also four jumpers from law firm Trowers and Hamlins, including partner Sharron Webster, solicitor Anna Moore, partner Rachel Collins and associate Darren Hooker.

If you would like to sponsor the jumpers and help Harry by raising money for his care, please visit his GoFund