Marketing strategy

Sorting your overall marketing strategy is the bedrock of business success. We’ll work from first principles to develop and implement a marketing strategy that makes sense and matches what your customers want.

Market research 1
Market research 2

Market research

From customer focus groups to in-depth one-on-one surveys, we’ll help you to test perception, discover insight on buying motivations and trial key messaging.


We’ve expertise in campaigns – big and small and across multiple channels – that focus on generating customer engagement and brand awareness.

Behavioural change 1
Behavioural change 2

Behavioural change

Getting people to appreciate the need for change and go with it can sometimes be a challenge. Resistance may come from deep-rooted cultural beliefs and hard-wired habits that people don’t even know they have. We can help you find the right triggers to achieve positive change.

Stakeholder surveys

Perception surveys

Knowing what your customers, partners, suppliers or regulators really think about you and your service is crucial. We’ll help you to identify your key opinion holders, then design, complete and report back on confidential face-to-face, phone or online surveys. We’ll give you an honest, invaluable, ‘warts-and-all’ view and recommendations on next steps.