A newbie’s guide to life at Creative Bridge

Beneath the roof of Bittesby House are many talented people, all brilliant in their individual fields of expertise which range far and wide across digital, design, communications and marketing.

A few weeks ago, I joined Creative Bridge as an account manager and you might expect that joining such an impressive team would be intimidating.

No one likes being new but when my first day came around I wasn’t nervous. During the interview process I realised that Creative Bridge nurture a remarkable culture of sincerity and warmth that makes you feel instantly welcome. They achieve this with a fun atmosphere, creative energy and most importantly, friendly faces.

The first piece of advice given to me by my new colleagues was to prepare myself for how truly amazing the lunches are, lest I commit the cardinal sin of underestimating the treat in store. And of course they were right. A free lunch is such a thoughtful perk and shows that Creative Bridge have their priorities right!

But doing my best not to be distracted by the delicious food, glorious weather and lovely scenery (which includes two honking geese), I got my hands stuck in immediately. My first meeting – held outside on a picnic bench – gave me a good indication of how things are done at Creative Bridge.

I then spent the next couple of days laying some PR groundwork: establishing media relationships, reading trade journals and researching my clients and their sectors so that when the time came I could jump straight in, which didn’t take too long…

By the end of the week I had attended a tender pitch, lent my assistance on another and started to build up publicity for two clients’ annual conferences. At this point I had also begun to recognise the individual responsibilities of everyone at Creative Bridge and how, when we collaborate, we provide an outstanding creative service for our clients.

So despite being thrown into the proverbial deep end, no task felt too overwhelming because of the resources at my fingertips, including drawing from the knowledge of more experienced team members and getting the guidance that will allow me to personally grow.

The family ethos at Creative Bridge is all-encompassing; a rare thing that cannot be forced or imitated. It’s enabling me to be my best self and if they bring out the best in me I can always deliver the best for my clients, which is what it’s all about.