A journalist calls. Are you prepared?

Housing is all about people – helping them, connecting with them and dealing with the challenges that affect them. You know that, it’s why you work in the sector.

So, communicating well to showcase the response to the urgent, interesting, important, amazing, funny, sad and unusual things that happen in our world is a vital part of our business.

And because housing is a people business, as we’ve all seen in recent tragic times, providers can often be on the receiving end of intense scrutiny and negative publicity. Tough situations need confident housing spokespeople who can handle tricky questions, communicate clearly under pressure and explain actions succinctly and sensitively.

The best industry leaders inspire from the top table. They tell their story and vision strongly, they convey the important with flair and are courageously honest when something has not gone as planned.

But what happens when the people asking the difficult questions aren’t just employees, board members or regulators? Add in microphones, cameras and reporters armed with 120 words per minute in shorthand, and the opportunity to tell the world about the problems you’re grappling with in 15 seconds feels that bit more uncomfortable.

This is where media training makes the difference. By investing in one-on-one intensive training for you or as a small group, you and your colleagues will be:

  • Clear about how to handle negative news and how this fits into your role
  • Confident about what to do with potential negative stories and the challenging and horrific situations you might need to handle
  • Competent in handling difficult questions and knowing how to formulate effective media messages
  • Committed to communicate what you’re doing about any problem that arises
  • Conveying positive news internally and externally with aplomb
  • Capable of passing on what you’ve learnt to colleagues and partners
  • Composed when facing tricky and hostile interviewing.

With former political and foreign correspondent – Michael Dodd – as your guide for the day, and a professional cameraman on hand to capture and play back sessions to improve your performance, the training gives those taking part the skills and confidence to take on media interviews – whether pro-actively when there are positive opportunities or gracefully when under pressure during severe crisis management situations.

Michael’s the author of “Great Answers to Tough Questions At Work” published by Capstone and short-listed for the 2017 Management Book Of The Year Award by the Chartered Management Institute.

He will show you the golden formulae for answering what are sometimes known as “blowtorch-on-the-belly questions”.

“Sometimes even the best leaders can wilt under the pressure of tough questions, nasty questions and impossible questions where they can’t realistically be expected to know the answer but have to say something,” said Michael.

“But when you understand and apply the golden formulae for dealing with pressure questions from the media – and you plan, prepare and practice – a challenging situation becomes an opportunity to showcase the positive work you do.”

The training also enables you to understand and capitalise on the differences between interviews for TV, radio, newspaper, magazine and news websites so you can be as ready as is humanly possible.

And it’s not us saying that, it’s other housing chief executives. References and endorsements available on request.

Investing in media training is something that will pay off many times over – personally and professionally. When you’ve spent years building your brand and reputation, it’s important that you manage it effectively when times are tough.

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Michelle Hallmark

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Leads our new business and client development strategy. Formerly our head of communications and a NCTJ and CIPR qualified news reporter with local, regional and national experience.
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