The importance of commissioning illustration and photography

At Creative Bridge, we’re big fans of brands that look and feel unique. It’s one of the best ways to set yourself apart from your competitors – but alas, if it was easy everyone would be doing it!

If creating a unique brand is something you aspire to (and as marketers, we of course think you should), commissioning bespoke illustration and photography is essential. It’s one of the key way to guarantee you stand out from the crowd and are visually represented in exactly the way you want.

At Creative Bridge, we have the tools and skills to help organisations achieve such ambitions. We take a lot of pride in creating bespoke work and bringing a vision to life through illustration and photography in a way that sets clients apart from competitors who use stock imagery.

Don’t get me wrong, stock libraries – such as Shutterstock – are great and certainly have their place in the design world. But the chances are high that, just as you searched for those key words and selected the tenth picture down, so did your competitors. If you’ve built up a strong and unique brand it means that you risk losing your edge.

Image libraries are also very limited in terms of natural content, often catering to the lowest common denominator. It’s nigh on impossible to source photography that doesn’t look staged or locate a specific illustration style that covers all the visuals you want.

Nowhere is this truer than in the people-focused social housing sector, where stock pictures of good-looking American models with perfect white teeth are not the way to go. If you don’t use pictures that represent the people you are trying to engage with, your message loses credibility.

Pictures are becoming more and more important way to communicate. In my previous blog post – Get your brand message across 60,000 times faster – I explained that visuals in marketing are essential for instantly grabbing the attention of your customer and getting your message across.

Recently, we were commissioned by WM Housing Group to create illustrated wall art for its new offices. The result was unique and specific to the brand and has had great feedback from the team who work there.

But it didn’t stop there. WM can now use these illustrations throughout publications and marketing material and as we created the illustrations, they can be adapted and built on in the future.

You can also see a selection of the photography work we’ve undertaken for ARK Consultancy and SPC, which represents them truthfully as brands.

Nothing worth having comes easy. Be unique.