Global greetings: how Christmas marketing varies across the world

John Lewis? Check. Sainsbury’s? Check. Waitrose? Check. Aldi? Check. The spirit of consumer Christmas was alive and well even before the first snow landed this week.

But in a globalised world which loves personalisation, how do international brands cross cultural and religious expectations to reach their target markets? Sexy Santa for Italy; harmonies and heartstrings for the UK. A parody of US Christmas traditions in Australia and we get a talking carrot. Here’s some campaigns that caught our eye.


Amazon has borrowed the universal language of reflection and religion in a campaign for US, UK and German audiences. Its portrayal on inter-faith friendship captures the idea of selflessness and thinking of other people, using a real-life London vicar and Leicestershire Imam. The team borrowed insights from the Church of England, the Muslim Council of Great Britain and the Christian Muslim Forum to create a powerful cross-continent message. Check it out here.


When you’ve the sun as a backdrop to Christmas in one country and snow in another, then it calls for something different advert-wise. Aldi have gifted the UK with Kevin the talking carrot, yet over in Australia they are plugging barbeque benefits.

If you loved Kevin, watch his journey continue here.


Italy show how different people celebrate Christmas in their homes in a comical and fast-paced way. We’re not sure about Santa in boxers but hey ho, or ho, ho…NO. Watch it here.

UK’s take on the IKEA advert is sweet and simple. It throws light on the idea of a young boy wanting to do something special for his mum. With a fair bit of expected product placement naturally.


“Often said to mark the official start of Christmas” is a pretty strong boast from an enthusiastic Coca Cola UK press team in their #holidaysarecoming release. #Jesus. But ‘official’ errors aside, the brand has just launched its ‘A Coke For Christmas’ advert which features a young boy who spreads joy through giving a bottle to those in need of refreshment.

Over in the Philippines here’s the same creative thought, executed with local traditions and actors.

And something completely different here for Austria. It would seem that half the world gets Santa and small, generous boys, while Austria get an attractive woman…