Five ways starting school is just like starting work

This month, many will start at a new school or a new job and it got me thinking. It turns out that beginning a new job isn’t all that different from the first day at a new school.

Here’s five reasons why starting my job felt just like that first day at school:


Remember going back to your first day of school when you would cry as if it was the last time you would see your parents ever again? Yes? Well my mum would cry at the office doors if you let her, so make sure you go to work alone to save the embarrassment.

Where’s my…?

Be prepared to be on watch at all times. Like in school, people WILL attempt to steal your pens, your chair, calculator, phone charger and highlighters. I won’t name names. Kate.

Tough crowd

Do you remember how patronising your parents would be when you got home from your first day at school? It’s like this with a new job, but worse. They do not have a clue what you do. They think all your job involves is making a few calls and an occasional email, so when you moan that you’re tired you’ll get an ear-full.

You are unbearably early on your first day

I mean, what if you accidentally oversleep, then your keys break in the lock, your car won’t start, a herd of cows needs to cross the train tracks… and you’re late. On your first day? So instead, just like you were there at 7am with parent in the playground, this time you arrive at the office to an empty car park. At 5am. Phew.

The night before…

Excitement is not just for kids. Sleep before the first day at a new job is elusive. Running through every scenario in your head, getting the outfit right and practicing your handshake in the mirror has replaced the fear that your best friend has changed your joint favourite colour overnight or that you’ll call the teacher ‘mum’. The fear factor goes away one day… doesn’t it?