Five minutes with Jake Ward

For this weeks’ blog we find out what kind of illustration inspires our very own in-house illustrator Jake Ward…

Define illustration?

Illustration is a way to inform, communicate and inspire using imagery, be it still or moving. It can stand alone as a statement or message, or it can accompany copy to complement and strengthen what is being said.

In a full service agency, why’ve you chosen illustration?

Illustration is something that I practised even before I knew what it was. I’ve always been creative and come from an artistic family, so for me illustration was a natural career path to take. I love how versatile it is; the different styles and techniques are endless – which is perfect for me as I love learning new crafts.

How does illustration match your personality?

I love creating, coming up with new creative ideas and sharing them with people. Illustration gives me the outlet to create and share my ideas and there’s endless possibilities so I can’t get bored.

What’s the newest thing in illustration?

It’s hard to pin-point ‘what is the newest thing’ in illustration. There’s so many different styles and the lines between graphic design, fashion, illustration and photography is blurring. This is great for design as you can take ideas from these creative industries and create new ideas in new areas.

What should we expect for illustration in the future?

More imagery and less text. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are becoming increasingly more popular and show that imagery is an effective communication tool without the need for words.

How does creativity factor into illustration?

Creativity is at the forefront of illustration. It’s looking at a problem and finding a creative solution. Without creativity there would be no new ideas and illustration would be bland.

What company does illustration well?

Nike is a company that stands out to me. They always use illustration to connect with people and giving their customers new and interesting products. It can been seen prominently at sporting events like the Brazilian World Cup and on their merchandise.

What’s your dream illustrative project?

A dream illustrative project for me would be one that allows me to draw in my favoured traditional pen and ink style and that has a strong idea behind it. Being given the time to create the detailed visuals and taking it across a brand.

If a creative agency were a car, what part would you be?

I would be the beautiful body work. Without me, the car will work however very few people would want it if it works but doesn’t have any style. A car brand wouldn’t last very long without beautiful aesthetics.

What superpower would help you with illustration?

The ability to create images out of thin air with only the power of my mind. This would be a lot quicker and a lot less taxing on my hand.

, Five minutes with Jake Ward