Five minutes with Conrad Pantony

For this week’s blog, we discover how a Lego obsession led to a career as a senior artworker…

What’s an artworker?

As an artworker, I usually get a design concept from one of our talented creatives and drive it to completion. I work on the fonts, graphics, images, colours and general layouts and create the artwork based on this. I work so closely with creatives that sometimes the lines between us can sometimes blur. That’s why recently I’ve got involved in concept work, to flex my creativity.

In a full-service agency, why’ve you chosen to be an artworker?

I’ve a keen eye for detail and pride myself on accuracy, which I believe has driven me to be an artworker, as opposed to a creative.

How does artworking match your personality?

I’m a problem-solver and have been since a young age. I used to get Lego models and complete them within a couple of hours, then take them apart and build them again! In a way, this is like artworking: both are problem-solving exercises which require design elements to create the final artwork but also concept work and guidelines as the instructions manual.

Is there anything new in the world of artworking?

Artworking always evolves with new formats or styles. It all depends on the initial concept and the campaign. Trends for this year seem to be going back to roots (being authentic), using bold typography, large images, and louder colours, hand-drawn graphic elements and keeping things simple.

What should we expect from you in the future?

I’ll be taking on responsibilities of a studio manager in the future, in addition to artworking, so I can work towards streamlining our processes so that our creative team can always deliver its best work.

How does creativity factor into artworking?

You need to use a level of lateral thinking in artworking to fit content onto the artwork in a visually pleasing way. It’s not on the same level of creating something from scratch but it still takes a fair bit of thinking.

Is there a company that uses artwork well?

Every advert or promotional visual that catches your eye has been artworked to some degree. A company that does it well – from the artworking on the packaging and marketing content to the bits you see on the website and app – is Sonos. While its products are great, the speakers and TVs are presented to the user in a way that makes them seem better than anything else.

What’s your dream artworking project?

I would love to work on a project from the concept stage, take it through development and then apply it to a variety of formats. It’s quite daunting to think about how it will be received by the target audience but I would feel a huge sense of achievement. It’s the equivalent of having a baby, raising it, and then setting it loose into the big wide world!’

If a creative agency were a car, what part would you be?

Thinking about this in a conceptual way – the concept of the car would be given to me by the creative designer, and I would then put that into a design that is achievable to put into production.

What superpower would help you with artworking?

I’d like a hybrid of two powers – super fast and be extremely accurate! Not very exciting I know, but I can’t see how being able to fly would help me with any of my projects!

Conrad Pantony

About Conrad Pantony

Creates stunning concepts and visuals to promote clients’ products, services, brands and values across all media. Conrad has five years’ experience in design, branding, studio artwork and marketing across the automotive, printing and packaging industries.
Conrad’s passion: simplicity