Creativity is human

I’m a firm believer in H2H.

Engagement. Experience. Social. Personalised…whatever buzzword you’ve stumbled across, no doubt you’ll have got the message, that no matter who you’re talking to, unless you think ‘human’ you’re likely to be lost in the noise.

But what does this mean for the role of creativity? And what does it need to do to speak human?

Recently, I was choosing a train set for my two-year-old daughter. I boiled it down to a metro vs farm theme. Now, despite the sliding doors and driver sensitive lights and sounds of the metro, I went for baling hay and putting cows out to pasture. Why? We live in the country, so simply, show her a sheep or a cow and she can relate.

And I think that’s the role of creativity too. To draw attention. To generate an emotion. But ultimately to relate.

I think creativity is simply it’s best when it remembers it’s just humans talking to humans. It creates a reaction. It evokes an emotion – joy, pride, inspiration, excitement. And if it’s human you’re hunting, the recent This Girl Can does not disappoint. The genius juxtaposition of a jiggling butt, bouncing baby and cheeky lyrics make it highly relatable and highly entertaining. Inspiring, but with just the right touch of human to get you chuckling and cheering simultaneously.

And that’s the reason I love it. Perhaps no idea is a new idea. But every person who arrives at that idea probably came a different route. And the expression of it will have their own take – as will its reception amongst every target.

We can group personas. We can dig into data. We can even predict a pattern of behaviour. But whatever our latest communications or marketing objective, it’s likely you can boil it down to creating a connection, between one human and another.

Let’s make those moments count.

To create is to be human.

Val Hassall

About Val Hassall

Brand and messaging strategist with more than 15 years' experience of building and growing brands. Specialising in personal profiling for housing leaders to support corporate positioning and business growth. She also works with Creative Bridge colleagues in the creation of messaging frameworks to underpin the marketing of commercial brands and products.
Val’s passion: art.