Creative sparks: Word Play

We love word play here at Creative Bridge. A witticism that relies heavily on the effect of playing with different levels of language. They are frequently used in commercial advertising as a rhetorical device, to create humour, attracting the reader’s attention and adding persuasive force to a message. Words are crucial in advertising, often outweighing visuals at times.

Here’s a few examples for some creative inspiration on your own campaigns.

Used, but not what you’re used to

Fantastic use by Mercedes in their video advert. We love the use of ‘used’ through-out the clip to imply something unnecessary and unsuited. The use at the end with a flashy Mercedes changes the audience’s potential perceptions around used goods. Many of us here at Creative Bridge can remember the unwanted hand-me-downs!

Ship my pants

This hilarious advert marked the launch of Kmart’s delivery service. I ‘Shipped my pants’ they scream. Not right for every brand, but right for this audience. Enjoy the giggles.

Why? Why not?

Changing the tone dramatically, GPY&R Sydney has created a hard-hitting and emotive campaign. We appreciate this juxtaposition of the word why, creating two extremely different meanings. Is the glass half-full or half-empty?

, Creative sparks: Word Play


Soft drink producer Oasis has taken an alternative approach. Their new adverts say it how it is, hoping honesty is the best policy. We admire this brave advertising strategy that has paid off… this time!

, Creative sparks: Word Play

Should’ve… whoops

This billboard is jumbled, but we all know what it says thanks to Specsavers huge investment in word play brand recognition. This month Specsavers took it to the next level by attempting to trademark the term ‘should’ve’. This use of wordplay is sneaky, yet ingenious and the PR link is a smart move to keep the campaign in mind.

, Creative sparks: Word Play