Creative Sparks: This month’s top campaigns

Here’s some inspiration to get the creative juices flowing this Monday.

Plastic fiver

Now here’s a lovely idea. People all over the country are donating plastic fivers to charity. We love generous people as much as we love the Bank of England’s new fiver website.

Leaving Lauren

Great campaign masterminded by transport communication geniuses.

Check it out here.

Alex’s letter to Obama

Our hearts melted when we heard about Alex. People could learn something from him about treating everyone with compassion and kindness. And us digital bods can learn something on great film storytelling too.


What a clever campaign. Obviously completely terrifying. Phew, our favourite mayo doesn’t cost £21.72.

More brilliance, more beauty

Who doesn’t love glitter? Probably the person who had to clean up after this advert… but we like Sony’s playful demonstration of colour and creativity combined with John Lewis style music.

Watch it here.