Creative Sparks: Things to make you smile

It’s World Smile Day today and we love nothing more than making people smile! Here are a few campaigns we’ve seen recently that really made us grin…


Of course we all smiled when we saw these lovely women strutting their stuff. What’s not to love about confidence and equality?

, Creative Sparks: Things to make you smile

We all love Clover

Who doesn’t love a crumpet smothered in butter? Nothing makes people smile like some good grub. Watch it on Youtube!

Aim, shoot… FIRE

Water pistols are symbolic of childhood. This battle reminds everyone to slow down and have fun once in a while. Fab!


Ok, so this might raise a smile just for marketers. But the matching of technology to the product benefit is brand genius. Check it out here!

Friends Furever

Talk about adorable! Androids’ advert is guaranteed to make you feel all cute and warm and lovely inside, as well as reinforcing the brand’s ‘together, not the same’ tagline purr…fectly.