Creative sparks: The power of music

Here at Creative Bridge we recognise and value the power of music to impact communications. It’s hard to get it right, however when you do – it’s spectacular.

Once said by Daniel Jackson, CEO of Cord Worldwide, “Music is the unsung hero of advertising”. We certainly agree with you there Daniel. Here’s a few that we love.

The power of love music

We all love a good John Lewis advert, don’t we? Who could forget the one from 2012 – you know, the one that makes you cry. It takes you on an emotional love story, perfectly capturing the very essence of Christmas. The John Lewis campaign made a significant impact in terms of increasing sales, accounting for an overall year-on-year increase of 44.3% in the five weeks surrounding Christmas.
Watch it and weep.

It’s a mad world… of gaming

Mad World by Gary Jules has been used and used and used in the world of advertisement… but never has a pairing been so effective. The use of the track in the Gears of War 3 advert has lead to it outselling its earlier editions in the first three months. The intense and sinister music fits the content perfectly to create a spine-chilling advert.

Dancing pony

Who doesn’t love a pony moon-walking on a cliff, eh? The fun and goofy Fleetwood Mac track is a feel good tune, and mirrors Three’s ‘silly stuff’ slogan. This advert definitely got the organisation’s name out there as the video went viral within days of its release. Just fab.
Feel good here.

Dogs will survive

Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive forms the foundation of the 2015 Blue Cross advert. The song (sung by dogs not Gloria I’m afraid) effectively evokes empathy – essential in any advert for charity. The advert clearly won over the nation as Blue Cross reported an additional 800 regular donators and more than 9,800 new supporters compared to 2014. Check it out here.

In the air tonight…

Last but not least, the infamous Cadbury advert. I’m sure you already know which one we’re talking about. Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight, paired with a drumming gorilla (yes that is right) is a powerful and enjoyable combination to watch. It had so much success that it reversed the decline in sales experienced in the first half of 2007.