Creative Sparks: Our recipe for brand building

GBBO may well have headed to the great bake in the sky (sob). Or well, Channel Four, but it’s still lingering in our hearts and minds. And bellies. Definitely bellies.

So here’s two of our great passions combined; branding and baking.

Our tried and tested branding recipe

By: Rebecca ‘Ramsay’ Probets, Hannah ‘Heston’ Bellinger-Brown, Alistair ‘Ainsley’ Henry

Serves: Many satisfied clients


  • One seasoned creative director
  • Half a cup of self-raising inspiration
  • A bunch of (fresh) designers
  • A whole head of client services
  • 564 cups of coffee
  • A dollop of organic copywriting
  • Concentrated essence of the client’s values
  • A healthy dose of digital marketing
  • Half a jug of creativity
  • A heaped tablespoon of artworking
  • Freshly prepared market research
  • A dash of illustrator (preferably raw-talent as opposed to pasteurised)
  • PR to taste.

N.B. For best results we recommend that this recipe is carried out in a creative environment.


  1. To begin, pre-heat your expectations. Slowly mix your base ingredients together, yielding a strategy that you will utilise later in the recipe.
  2. Using the freshly prepared market research, extract your target audiences.
  3. Next, allow the creative director to whip up some inspiration to define your branding mission statement. Separate yourself from the competitors and discard what isn’t working for you at the moment.
  4. Marinate your brand with the essence of client values. Peel away any excess layers to reveal the heart of the brand.
  5. Now is the time to use your designers to generate the logo and tagline. Turn the creativity to high and be patient.
  6. The next step is to create your brand voice. Season with equal parts of professionalism and friendliness, and other client ideals to taste.
  7. Use a good measure of copywriting and artworking to develop your brand
  8. Prove the newly-created personality in a warm spot before presenting it to clients. Do not be tempted to sugar-coat.
  9. Now your brand has had the time to rise, gently fold it into the business.
  10. Enjoy the fruits of your labour. Or if you are Candice, pout provocatively.