Creative sparks: Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Undeniably witty and performed exclusively in public places like streets, shopping centres and parks; this week’s blog focuses on guerrilla marketing tactics that have significantly transformed the marketing arena.

A method that thrives on original thinking, guerrilla marketing is the epitome of creativity and the reason it excites us is because the infrastructure for a campaign is already in the environment, you just have to uncover it. We love the low budgets and there is no reason to not go out and find where your product is mirrored in the local community and take advantage of it.

For example:

Beware of the Sun

Friends of Cancer Patients distributed 300 coffin-esk towels to the beach community which served as a not-so-subtle warning to sun soakers of the deadly dangers of UV exposure. The initial reaction was shock, resulting in beachgoers asking for sun cream. This campaign is simple. Sun=death.

, Creative sparks: Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Piano Stairs

The real gems of guerrilla marketing often take place at tube stations because an astronomical amount of people travel each day. Volkswagen created ‘piano stairs’ in a subway in Stockholm to encourage people to be active. The novelty of the piano keys caused the majority of passengers to choose the stairs over the escalator. Success!  Watch it on YouTube!

Run DO NOT sit

In 2012 Nike hijacked a bench in NYC and made some subtle alterations to bring it in line with their ethos ‘Just Do It’. It’s certainly effective, though we do hope no one failed to realise and tried to sit down…

, Creative sparks: Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Commemoration to the Soldiers of the Somme

An event to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme aimed to show how many soldiers lost their lives in a visually poignant way. The demonstration was praised for its ambition and for the authentically raw way it commemorated them. Seeing these young men taking on the identities of soldiers that had brutally died reduced many bystanders to tears.

, Creative sparks: Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Milwaukee River Campaign

Whilst we ordinarily frown upon graffiti, here we’ll make an exception. As a society we are accustomed to industrial ugliness, to the extent that this simple piece of art work in Milwaukee makes you pause and think. The artwork effectively uses the existing structure of the wall to represent a flume instead of sewage pipes; creating an intriguing juxtaposition.

, Creative sparks: Guerrilla Marketing Tactics