The Creative Bridge 2016 Campaign of the Year awards

For our last blog of the year, what else would we ever want to talk about than the best campaigns of 2016? Well aside from the obvious on whether we should go for Galaxy chunk or Malteaser mini in the box of office sweets.

So, we’ve taken an in-house vote for the best creative work of the past 12 months, culminating in the most prestigious awards in Leicestershire without a glitzy ceremony or shiny trophy. Drumroll please, the results are in:

Craziest idea that worked

Winner: Kenzo for Kenzo World

In this coveted spot we have the masterfully bizarre perfume ad directed by Spike Jonze for Kenzo. The fierce attitude of the protagonist is a refreshing change for a sector whose ads are typically over-the-top displays of femininity.… though it’s so brave we’re left scratching our heads as to how it was ever pitched to the client in the first place.

The game-changer

Winner: Channel 4 for We are the super humans

The 2012 Paralympics had a huge impact on public attitudes to disability. Channel 4’s ad for Rio carried the torch even further by expanding the definition of ‘super human’ to include everyday people who overcome their disability. Its powerful message, energy and inclusivity helped us all to get behind Paralympics GB back in September as they won their record haul of medals.

Classic crowd-pleaser

Winner: Lloyds Bank for Your next step

This simple but beautifully executed ad positions Lloyds as the bank that’s there for its customers at every stage of their lives. The sophisticated revival of the horse from their logo into a living, breathing, animal running alongside you as you marry, have children and buy a house has developed the brand well.

One for the millennials

Winner: Xbox Billboard for Survival of the Grittiest

Well done to Xbox for this, low-budget, guerrilla campaign which transformed a simple billboard into an interactive platform. Their ‘survival of the grittiest’ stunt captured the attention of gamers and social media, and its coverage snowballed from there.

Community involvement

Winner: NHS for the Missing Type

Back again for a second year and more successful than ever, the genius Missing Type campaign encourages companies to drop the A, B and O (the main blood groups) to show support for blood donation. Thousands of brands, including Creative Bridge, took up the call and with minimal effort were able to help promote the life-saving cause, resulting in a phenomenally large reach.