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Intensive media training

We worked with the group chief executive of WM Housing Group, Kevin Rodgers, to provide intensive media training in anticipation of future broadcast media interviews. The training gave him the tools to prepare for interviews while sharpening his ‘off-the-cuff’ communications skills.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the two-day media and presentation training. Not only was it

tailored to exactly what I need in my role, but the skills I learnt and the confidence I gained

are a testament to the skills and expertise of Michael, who was brilliant to work with.”

Kevin Rodgers, group chief executive of WM Housing Group

The intensive two-day training honed in on Kevin’s self-identified weaknesses, working on them methodically to increase his confidence. The sessions also involved high-pressure scenarios to effectively throw Kevin into the deep end while providing the support and guidance to build his confidence for the future.

During both days of training, filming was used so that throughout the sessions Kevin and the trainer could immediately see where improvements could be made.

Tragically, a mere two days after the media training, the Grenfell Tower burnt down. As the chief executive of a housing association with more than 30 tower blocks in the Midlands, Kevin was in high demand and had numerous requests for TV, radio and newspaper interviews.

This training not only allowed him to effectively convey WM Housing Group’s key messages, but also reach out directly to residents of the tower blocks so they knew the group cared about their safety, and that their blocks did not have the same cladding.

The training has also enabled Kevin to carry out more public speaking engagements and presentations at sector conferences.