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WM Housing Group is a major UK social housing provider, which owns and manages more than 30,000 homes across the West Midlands – from Herefordshire to Coventry. The group has a unique, federated structure of five local operating companies working semi-autonomously to create a strong local focus and deliver services that are close to customers and communities. To put this to the test, we’ve carried out two comprehensive stakeholder perception studies

Digging deep into stakeholder perceptions for better results

To support WM’s ambitions and strategy for growth, we were commissioned to design and complete two, wide-ranging stakeholder surveys.

The first study focused on perceptions of the group’s emerging brand, while the second dug deep into partners’ views, needs and how they WM could and should help them. Interviewing nearly 30 high-profile people, we also tested future opportunities for new or extended partnerships and services.

“The surveys by Creative Bridge have brought a lot of focus to our business planning and corporate strategy.
It alerted us to things we needed to do differently and improve, while pinpointing what’s most important.
The feedback was open, objective and really useful in developing our relationships with stakeholders.”

Ian Hill, Director of Communications and Business Excellence, WM Housing Group

The surveys gave WM reassurance about the quality and effectiveness of its partner relationships, but flagged up the importance of managing diverse and sometimes competing priorities.

The surveys triggered detailed follow up between WM directors and several key stakeholders to agree fresh initiatives and ways of doing more and achieving more together.