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Valuation Tribunal Service

Independent appeals body the Valuation Tribunal Service asked us to design and develop a new website to make it easy for visitors to make and pursue appeals online. The site needed stringent back-end systems and routines to meet statutory regulations. Our clean and simple design featured bold, icon-driven commands, while organising the content in tabs and accordion lists made it easy to find and read relevant information.

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Managing information security and a large amount of content in website design

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We have worked on a variety of digital projects for the Valuation Tribunal Service since the start of our working relationship.

Our latest saw us redevelop the organisation’s website. We were asked to make it more user-friendly, while guaranteeing the security of all data processed and stored by the site and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Our redesigned site sits on a highly secure domain. It features:

  • Icon-driven commands taking users to online forms for different types of appeal, with the option to upload supporting documents. Data entered is automatically converted to a PDF form template with a unique reference number
  • A local authority look-up tool giving contact details and relevant forms for each council
  • Interactive process diagrams offering more detailed explanation and downloadable documents
  • Information organised into tabs and accordion lists in order to make it easy to find, follow and digest
  • Password-protected section for agents and VTS staff
  • Clean and simple design in line with the Government’s Digital by Default standard.