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Sulzer is one of the world's leading pump manufacturers, providing all sorts of pumps and auxiliary equipment. The company is renowned for the efficiency and performance reliability of its state-of-the-art products. For an innovation day for clients held at the National Space Centre in Leicester, Sulzer wanted to showcase its full range of wastewater systems as part of its exhibition stand.

With 80 specially invited customers, this event was the first of its kind for Sulzer, so they needed to create a buzz, boost awareness and engage with people to secure extra business.

We brought the company’s pumps to life with a bespoke animation and a Wii-controlled triathlon game to inject some fun and competition, with the prize of an iPad.

“We had lots of customers saying they didn’t realise we offered so many different products, so
the game and stand definitely achieved what we wanted. The offering from Creative Bridge was
impressive and it was that that really sold us on their approach. We were amazed by how long people
spent looking around the space, and the buzz created in the room.”

Joelle Rabelle, marketing manager at Sulzer Pumps Wastewater UK Ltd


The animation took customers on a journey around Sulzer Pumps’ products and showcased their capabilities. Visitors kept returning to the stand to better their score. We also produced advertisements and invitations for the day, and in conjunction with our sister company Nimlok, designed and manufactured the display’s colourful panels.

There was great feedback from both customers and visiting global colleagues. Around 30 customers booked additional sales visits after seeing the full range of products. The animation is now used company-wide across the world.