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PlaceShapers WE WORK campaign

The PlaceShapers network of 118 community-focused housing associations came to us looking for creativity and innovation in helping to counter negative perceptions of social housing. It wanted to show the Government, the media and commentators how housing associations build aspiration, helping people off benefits and into work.

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“Thank you, Creative Bridge, for all you have done. We’ve achieved something special that

reflects some wonderful stories. It feels more important now than ever.”

Joanna Charlton, communications manager, Shepherds Bush Housing Group/PlaceShapers

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Counteracting negative perceptions of social housing

Our brief was to develop a hard-hitting campaign that looked and sounded different to traditional social sector marketing. We devised WE WORK, an integrated, people-centric, multi-channel campaign inspired by commercial advertising.

The vibrant, positive message centred around inspirational stories about how social housing tenants have transformed their lives, told in their own words. Real-life case studies demonstrated the critical impact that affordable housing and settled employment have on people’s lives, the stability of neighbourhoods and national renewal.

The 15 tenants’ stories were brought to life across high-definition video, a digital and print storybook, and web and social media content. Behind-the-scenes studio shots showing the interaction between tenants during filming added warmth and character. All the content was backed up with clear guidance to PlaceShapers members on how to use it to greatest effect.

The campaign was launched at the 2016 Chartered Institute of Housing national conference. As a sample of impact achieved, its tweet impressions for the 18 days after launch were more than 30,000, compared to the 18 days before where they stood at 18,000 – an increase of 67%. Meanwhile, visits to the website were up more than 500% on launch day compared to the previous day.

WE WORK was also shortlisted under Best Marketing or Promotional Campaign in the 2016 Women in Housing awards.


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