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Lewisham Homes online portal

We were asked to suggest ways to boost take-up and use of myLewisham Homes – the online portal and digital app for Lewisham Homes customers to manage their tenancy and lease accounts. We designed a range of promotional materials, including a folding z-card leaflet, social media banners, Oyster Card holder and pop-up banners. The designs were based on the client’s existing brand guidelines, using different and bold combinations of primary and secondary colours and icons to create a bright, modern look and feel

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“The report by Creative Bridge was brilliant – it gave us lots of useful points to consider. The new

slogans and language they developed work really well, and the design work is fantastic!”

Hannah Denny, communications officer, Lewisham Homes

Making it easier online

Lewisham Homes

Lewisham Homes manages 18,000 homes and exists to deliver great housing services for thriving neighbourhoods in London’s third largest borough – a place where diversity is a defining characteristic and a key strength.

Our starting point was to critically evaluate the service and compare it to similar services offered by other market-leading housing providers. We recommended some extensions and improvements to the system to offer a wider range of key functions including direct repairs reporting and payment of rents and service charges.

We also suggested changes to the online content and guidance, to make myLewisham Homes more attractive and positive to potential new users, and suggested a regular prize draw to attract new registrations.