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Leicester City Council has appointed us to develop an oral health resource pack to tackle the problem of poor dental hygiene among children and young people. The pack is designed for use at home, in schools and by doctors and dentists to promote good teeth brushing, diet and regular check-ups.

Better teeth for a healthy, happy, smiley city

This sort of social marketing and behaviour change campaign has to be firmly rooted in the facts, so the starting point is interviewing council staff, partners from the Oral Health Promotion Board, and meeting with families and healthcare professionals.

The feedback from this research feeds into the design of the pack, to create a mix of giveaway items and material to promote simple, clear and memorable messages about better oral health. These messages have to be reinforced online and via social media.

As free, added value, we’re using our client and industry contacts to target the campaign and promote the resource pack to social housing providers and networks in and around Leicester.

The ‘Healthy Teeth, Happy Smiles’ campaign runs during spring and summer – this being a time that spans festivals and holidays such as Easter, when children are particularly exposed to decay-inducing foods and treats.

Our marketing, copywriting and creative studio teams are creating materials to appeal to young children, which steer away from simply preaching about good oral health to engage positively with their interests and concerns.