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Suite of websites for Interserve

Interserve is one of the world’s foremost support services and construction companies. It is an international business which is headquartered in the UK and FTSE listed. It has gross revenues of £3.6 billion and a workforce of circa 80,000 people worldwide.

Interserve Justice manages five Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRC) spread across England. We were asked to design a new suite of websites that introduced a consistent look and feel, with an emphasis on ease-of-use. To achieve this, we worked with Interserve to identify the main user groups and their priorities for using the site. From there, we created a home page concept comprised of task-based squares to help users find what they want and quickly.

We overcame Interserve’s need to have consuming printed newsletters by building a newsletter section on the site. This allows them to create them using flexible content based on the requirements of that specific edition. Once finished they are made available online and, as it is also printer-friendly Interserve can send out an email link for recipients to print off their own.

The sites were built with one back-end dashboard meaning administrators can manage and update the five sites from one location. As large amounts of the content were the same across all the sites, we built in a broadcast feature so the content could be written once and appear on the required sites. This made managing the sites easier for Interserve staff and reduced the time needed to update content.

The success of this project has led to other work across the justice division, including a behavioural change campaign on health and safety, induction pack for service users, the design of internal and external posters and a digital fees structure.

“The company had inherited websites from five different probation areas, some of which were of poor quality and all of which demanded a refresh. We approached Creative Bridge with a complicated brief, because we also wanted the capacity to simultaneously update all the sites from the same interface. We are delighted by the solution they has delivered. The homepage is engaging, we have a range of audiences and the site caters for them and offers us the ability to build it as the business grows.”

Stephen Hallmark, communications manager, Interserve’s justice business