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Housing Plus is a leading provider of affordable housing in South Staffordshire. The organisation provides housing, care and support, and repairs and maintenance services to customers under three separate brands: South Staffordshire Housing Association, Care Plus and Property Care.

The communications team wanted a more in-depth understanding of what customers, staff and key stakeholders knew about each of the brands and their services, as well as how they thought they performed against the core brand values. The team also wanted to ask a number of questions about the publications and communications materials it produced.

Since being able to demonstrate the impact of marketing and communications activity across the three core audiences, the team has driven greater value for money from its budget as well as planned for the future with an enhanced understanding of the effectiveness of its communications tools and platforms.

We developed a methodology for a brand review that was able to deliver a quantitative answer to these questions with supporting qualitative input. The data was collected in collaboration with the Housing Plus team and then fully reviewed by Creative Bridge. All data was quantified and supported with analysis against each set of measures. The final report has enabled the team to establish a communications plan to respond to particular gaps in service awareness and take advantage of new business opportunities, as well as develop measurable performance indicators such as brand and service awareness for future marketing activity.

Having completed two such annual brand reviews, the Housing Plus team has been able to see the positive impact of communications with its three key audiences over time and understand how particular events such as winning awards can impact an individual’s perception of and response to a brand. The research has also informed the HR team and reflected the brand impact of strategic service decisions taken at board level.


“The brand review, now in its second year, enables us to monitor our brand, demonstrate

the progress we are  making with each of our audiences and adjust our strategy as needed.

Creative Bridge designed the initial survey to our brief and worked with us to undertake the surveys

through a combination of  in-house and commissioned phone surveys. Ali Richards’ analysis and

presentation of results and recommendations back to our leadership team added a great deal of

value to the process and helped us interpret and use the responses to move our brand forward.”

Richard Evans, Head of Communications & PR, Housing Plus.