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Futures annual report

Futures Housing Group came to us looking for an innovative way to showcase the organisation’s performance and increase engagement with its annual report and value for money materials. Our digital team developed a parallax-scrolling microsite with animated infographics that helped the organisation stand out. The site reached 1,200 unique users, as well as offering Futures considerable savings on print and postage compared with the publications it had produced in previous years.

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“I just wanted to say thanks for everything this year. I think we’ve produced some

excellent work and really appreciate your patience and skill.”

Mike Underwood, head of communications, Futures

Bringing annual reports to life

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Futures Housing Group was looking for a way to showcase its 2015 performance and increase engagement with its corporate annual report and value for money suite of materials.

We devised and developed a parallax-scrolling microsite with animated infographics, a bespoke neighbourhood scheme, case studies and links to additional content.

The site not only offered the organisation considerable savings when compared to the print and postage costs of the publications it had previously developed, but also offers ongoing value for money. The microsite can be simply updated with new content on top of the back-end development, meaning it can be reused in subsequent years.

We were again appointed to deliver the 2016 reports via the same site.

The success of the annual reports, which saw 1,200 unique users view the content, has led to a further project for Futures, where we have developed an interactive digital animation of the organisation’s corporate plan. The animation uses moving environments with multiple interactive elements to convey complex information in a fun way.


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