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Firstan is the UK’s leading independent carton packaging manufacturer. It produces more than 500 million cartons annually at its ‘next generation’ facility in Cambridgeshire, primarily serving the pharmaceutical and food retail industries.

Dazzling designs for quality food and pharmaceutical packaging

The company has grown steadily since its launch in 1975, due to high level of customer service, efficiency and high quality standards.To promote these credentials and showcase Firstan’s innovation, we’ve helped the company to develop its trade exhibition presence and stand.

In the he last two years we have developed 13 different brands which cover a vast range of markets.

For the Packaging Innovations trade show, we created packaging artwork designs for products as diverse as whisky, lasagne, pain killers, perfume, chocolates and golf balls! Each of the designs subtly linked with the overall Firstan brand and exhibition stand to reinforce the company’s almost limitless design and production capabilities.

“I wanted to develop own branded packaging for the purpose of showcasing all our production
capabilities such as innovative finishes and different board types. Creative Bridge knew exactly want
I wanted to achieve and they developed some fantastic, interesting artworks for cartons we designed
in house. The innovative designs created a lot of attention at exhibitions we displayed them at.”

Gemma Bond, Marketing Manager, Firstan Ltd

The client gave us the sort of open, creative brief, which our graphic designers like best. It meant we were able to cut loose and come up with some really striking packaging styles, which have already proved their worth. Firstan then added their print and finishing expertise to create innovative packs that really stand out.