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Creating a new organisation
Our challenge on this project was to create a new name and brand for the merger of two established registered housing providers. Colne Housing and Greenfields Community Housing came together in summer 2020 to form the country’s largest community gateway organisation, with 12,000 homes across Essex and Suffolk, and ambitious plans to invest £500 million in new affordable homes in its first five years.

New name and brand for a high-profile merger

The brief

The two clients wanted a brand to bring to life and emphasise the new organisation’s community base, local investment and vision as an influential and innovative regional player in the East of England.

Our approach

We worked with residents, board members, staff, partner agencies and other stakeholders to explore the desired culture and values of the merged business, and to co-create a new name, brand and visual identity. We were immediately struck by the close fit between the two organisations at every level – a synchronisation of ideas and working methods that greatly helped our task.

COVID-19 restrictions meant that the later stages of meetings, presentations and engagement had to be done remotely. We used a mix of online questionnaires and video calls, all reporting into a project team that included residents from both landlords.

To select a new name, we helped the board, executives and customers narrow the choices down from an initial list of 100 options, to eventually arrive at Eastlight. It’s a strong, positive name that reflects the operating area and suggests strength, safety and solidity.

Eastlight’s chief executive, Emma Palmer, said:

“We set Creative Bridge an exciting and challenging brief to create a new brand that reflected our status as the largest community gateway organisation in the country, while paying respect to the two organisations that got us here.

The team carried out extensive consultation to gather honest feedback from a wide range of stakeholders, not least our staff and residents. They used this to create a new identity, which won the support of both boards and more than 400 resident shareholders in a subsequent vote. And to top it all, they had to carry out much of this work during a pandemic.

Throughout the project, they were open to creative challenge and worked tirelessly to create the name and visual identity for Eastlight Community Homes. We’re all delighted with the outcome.”

The bright visual identity uses bold, opposite colours, which work well across the full range of physical and digital material, from business stationery, leaflets, forms and brochures to social media, web and intranet assets.