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CIPD app development

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) asked us to simplify its attendance at events and trade shows by devising an app that could replace traditional printed content usually displayed on an exhibition stand. Our digital experts devised an app that could store and display a wide range of publications and information, and had options for delegates to email content to themselves and to request more information on topics of interest. During a two-day event, 120 people emailed brochures to themselves through the app, and 175 people requested more information on different topics.


“Thank you, and of course all the team, for the hard work that went into the development of the app.

The iPads have been such a transformation, in comparison to the literature-heavy stand we’ve had in

the past. The functionality and ease of the app was received really positively by staff and visitors,

which is really encouraging and clearly a step in the right direction.”

Bernadette Bauskis, senior brand executive, CIPD

Simplifying event attendance through clever use of technology


The CIPD attends multiple events and trade shows each year and has a large catalogue of brochures and printed materials that staff would traditionally have taken with them. Our brief was to simplify the process of attending events by creating an app that could replace all the printed materials.

The app we created features:

  • A hierarchical journey for different services and user types
  • Links to relevant brochures and information at each step of the journey
  • The ability to select publications of interest and email them
  • The ability to request more information on topics of interest
  • Feedback and brochure email request forms that are automatically populated when delegates scan the barcode on their event badge.

During the two-day annual conference and exhibition, 120 people emailed brochures from the app and 175 requested further information.
The CIPD was delighted with the results, and we have since made several changes and updates to the app and the information it holds, for use at other events.