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ARK branding

Ark Housing Consultancy and Ark People and Communities approached us to unite their skills and services under a single brand: ARK Consultancy Limited. We conducted a full strategic and creative design process to establish a new look and feel for the brand, and an associated visual language and tone of voice for the new company. The result was a strong, unified single brand that we have carried across a new brochure, website and company stationery. We also helped ARK launch the new brand to its staff members and clients.

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“We have enjoyed working with the Creative Bridge team. Their engagement has been informative and thought

provoking. The Creative Bridge team have demonstrated their expertise and we have been very well advised.”

Chris Seeley, director at ARK Consultancy

Bringing together different companies with a single, unified brand

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Ark Housing Consultancy and Ark People and Communities were merging to become a single, unified company: ARK Consultancy Limited.

Our strategic branding process took the leaders of both companies on a journey to establishing a new look and feel for the new business. We created a ‘brand wheel’ to articulate the new company’s ethos and how it should be communicating.

The result was a single new logo, an associated visual language and tone of voice, and a honed company purpose.

ARK were delighted with our work, and we were appointed to carry the new brand across company stationery and a new corporate brochure, which we designed and printed. Our digital team also built ARK Consultancy Limited a new website from scratch.

Meanwhile, our strategic branding experts also helped the leaders of the new company to launch the new brand to staff and clients. Our copywriting team crafted the text of an e-shot to clients explaining the changes and reassuring them that the company’s personnel and services had not changed. They also helped write a message for staff, to help them understand the reason behind the changes and what it meant going forward.