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Founded in 1995, the Academy for Chief Executives now has more than 400 members across the UK, spanning all sectors and sorts of businesses. The regional networks offer shared inspiration, best practice, creativity, wisdom, knowledge and expertise to create great business leaders. To support the Midlands group, we copywrote and designed high-end, printed invitations and e-shots to encourage new contacts to get involved.

Connecting business leaders to inspire others

The Midlands group Chair was looking for a way to generate a regular stream of new leads, but without lots of expense and time. The attractive, printed invitations (backed up with branded e-shots before and after) have done the trick. At least one out of every 20 contacts has led to a recipient getting in touch to attend a trial session or find out more about the Academy. From a purchased, cold contact database, this is an excellent return.

Maintaining the strength and membership of the Midlands network keeps the Academy’s vision for outstanding leadership skills and business excellence alive and growing. Its members continue to help and inspire each other to achieve extraordinary things.

“We get a great response rate to the invitations that Creative Bridge helped us create.
It shows just how much can be achieved even with a modest marketing budget.”

Peter Pritchett, Chair, Midlands Academy for Chief Executives

The crisp, clever copy and classy, eye-catching design aims to grab busy executives’ attention and get across the Academy’s commitment to impartial, expert support with no hidden agendas or vested interests. The pre and post-invitation e-shots got the Academy’s name and message direct into people’s workplaces, cases and pockets with a strong call to action.

The success of the printed invitations shows that traditional methods and media still have their place. Tried and tested things done really well should always deliver results.