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The story of Peter’s corporate gift

When innovative business leader Peter Pritchett turned 60, we organised and designed a book to capture the enormous impact he’d had on the lives of his friends and colleagues.

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“When I received ‘The Story of Peter’, I was blown away. It’s the

most thoughtful gift  I’ve ever received (though don’t tell my wife

I said that)! The care, detail and attention that went into it is astonishing.”

Peter Pritchett, chair of ACE

Peter has been the chair for the three Academy of Chief Executives (ACE) groups for over 20 years and in that time has mentored countless business leaders to achieve their full potential.

The 27-page hard-back book – The Story of Peter – is completely bespoke and required both our creative strategy and our in-house design, illustration and art production skills. Through a corporate gift with a business edge, we strived to make the book meaningful and thoughtful and as a result created a snap-shot of his life, and a keepsake that reflects his remarkable career.

We began to develop the book after speaking with Peter’s friends and colleagues to get quotes about him and his impact on their lives and careers. The black and yellow bumble bee theme is based on insight we gathered, conceptualising his work in ‘spreading goodness’ and cross-pollinating business opportunities.

Our MD Nicola, who has also been a mentored by Peter, presented him with the book at a 60th birthday celebration hosted by an ACE group, and it was incredibly well-received.

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