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Thanks dad, this one’s for you…

By Nicola Winn
April 13, 2022

We all have people who shape us massively. And in the run up to Easter, I’ve been thinking about one of those important people in my life – my dad. Because, chocolate eggs, simnel cake and family lunches aside, the things I associate most strongly with Easter are memories of white lilies, singing alleluias and watching my dad oh so skilfully connect hearts with his words. He was such a brilliant orator and shaped so much of why I believe in the power of impactful communications to change lives. He was my dad, and my priest – and for more than 50 years. So, thanks dad, this one’s for you…

Thanks dad, this one’s for you…

Even when there were hundreds of people in the church, he made it feel like he was only ever talking to me. I always took something away and left a little changed.

Every Sunday, I listened. Watching him connect people. Using words to bring hope and inspiration to the congregation – individually and as one.

I saw how words could make a difference. Make people feel, heal, laugh and cry.

But at 16, something happened that brought home the reason communication is so important more sharply. My first boyfriend died in a motorcycle accident.

During this time, I didn’t speak of what had happened much, but music was a great comfort to me. From Stairway to Heaven and Freebird, to the closeness found in unaccompanied voices singing together harmoniously, I found connections with others beyond words. I often laughed with my dad about how it would be helpful if music accompanied our everyday lives, so we understood and were supported through the emotion of it all.

I credit my dad for revealing the power of communication to me – especially through words and music. And I know it’s why I still hold faith in the impact of how it connects us today.

You could say the rest is history.

In 2001, when I had the opportunity to lead a communications company, now Creative Bridge, to support the housing sector, it was an easy yes.

Because I’d seen what putting the person at the heart of a message could do.

And now Creative Bridge is into its third decade . . . and with a new website.

And whilst the services, people and buildings have changed I’m proud to say our focus has remained.

We’re here for people. Because they matter.

Just like my dad revealed to me, we use communications to make a difference.

Because the impact of communication with people at the heart has ripples.

It brings us together.

It gives us something to believe in.

It creates change.

So today I want to say thanks to my dad.

Because these ripples trace back to you.