Artworking your way to the top

The A-level results are released today, and up and down the country young people are making important decisions about their future.

If you had your eyes set on becoming an artworker but didn’t get the results you needed to study it at university, it’s no barrier. More important is a portfolio, personality and willingness to work. Here are my top tips for you to get your foot in the door:

Keen eye for detail
One of the most important skills you’ll need is exceptional attention to detail. From preparing artwork to checking printer proofs, you must ensure the final product is accurate and can be used for its intended purpose.

Work quickly and accurately
In a creative studio, projects need a quick turnaround – so you need to be fast, as well as accurate. But don’t focus on that deadline too much, especially if you’re drowning in content. Set targets for completing certain sections and you’ll find that you sail through it.

Good organisation 
Getting set up correctly in the first place saves so much time in the long run. Never start a project without a tidy desk and easy access to folders with the resources and assets you need. Creating document templates also means there’s less chance of an error, and if there’s a client you frequently work with, create internal guidelines for consistency.

Thanks to ever-changing deadlines, you’ll need to hop on and off jobs, so laying this foundation will help you to seamlessly switch back and forth.

Knowledge of Adobe creative suite
As a minimum, you must have a very good knowledge of the Adobe creative suite: PhotoShop, Illustrator and InDesign. There are many tutorials online to teach you the basics. You may also be needed for digital projects, so a knowledge of web, app development, email platforms and animation is valuable.

Work to guidelines
Always read the guidelines! This way you know the artwork you create is in keeping with the client’s brand. Balancing the creative concepts given to you by the designer and the client’s guidelines is the mark of a good artworker.

Have a good sense of humour
Being a people person and having a good sense of humour are vital skills that won’t be highlighted in the job descriptions, but will help you go a long way. Creative agencies contain a range of big personalities and so making yourself relatable and building strong relationships is essential. As for humour, a good joke can lighten the mood if colleagues are stressed on a difficult project!

Find inspiration
As an artworker, you might need to venture into the realms of creativity to create concepts, so always keep an eye out for inspiration. Pinterest is great a starting point, but make sure you also go out and experience the world, as you never know where inspiration will come from!

If you feel that you have all these skills, then what’s stopping you!

Conrad Pantony

About Conrad Pantony

Creates stunning concepts and visuals to promote clients’ products, services, brands and values across all media. Conrad has five years’ experience in design, branding, studio artwork and marketing across the automotive, printing and packaging industries.
Conrad’s passion: simplicity